O-RADS MRI Calculator

Quick Questions*

Please choose the best answer for each question beginning with Question 1. When the calculator has enough information, the O-RADS MRI Risk Score will display. Press the reset button in the upper right corner after each lesion to reset the calculator.

Presence of peritoneal, mesenteric or omental nodularity or irregular thickening, with or without ascites? | Yes | No

Is the adnexal finding a follicle or corpus luteum or hemorrhagic cyst <3cm in premenopausal woman? | Yes | No

*If the patient's menopausal status is unknown, assume pre-menopausal if the patient is <50 years old.

Is there fat associated within the lesion? | Yes | No

Is there enhancing solid tissue in the adnexal lesion? | Yes | No

*Solid Tissue: Enhancing papillary projection, nodule, irregular septation/wall, solid lesion. Note: Thin smooth septations are NOT solid tissue.